Home Improvement Loans

You have achived your home ownership dream and you are finding the mortage payments very manageable. Life is good. Except you could do with more room.

Your young family has grown and need a rumpus room. Your older children are just too happy under your roof. Your new hobby is taking up more room than you ever expected. When it rains all your pots and pans are needed to catch the drips!! What can you do?

A Home Improvement Loan could be the answer to all these little issues

Most of us want to improve our homes in some way or have an urgent need for repairs.

Often the only thing stopping us making our home into our ideal dream dwelling is lack of finances and that is where a home improvement loan can help.

Of course, you can always use your credit card. This is a good way of financing your home improvement without applying for a home improvement loan.

If you need a large amount of money however, then a home improvement loan will be cheaper and the loan interest can also be tax deductible.

If your home improvement project is one that you will pay on completion, such as having your heating replaced or that roof made good then a straightforward loan is the best option.

You know the fixed amount that you need and can arrange for the repayment term to suit your circumstances.

However, if you are unsure about the final cost then you can have a different type of home improvement loan that is actually a line of credit and you only pay back what you have withdrawn at the end of the agreed term. This style can be good for that extention or garage conversion.

Whatever you decide to use your Home Improvement Loan for don’t forget you may have the added cost of decoration especially if your teenager is now living in what was your garage!

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